Sweet Life Candle is created based on the remembrance of loved ones. Being bought up by my grandmother, who is a flower lover and always managed to put flowers in our home, no matter how tiny and crowded it was. I took all these flowers for granted and never considered myself as a flowers lover. When I moved to Victoria, the beauty of nature here amused me. My grandmother came visit me at her age of 90 and she enjoyed every single flower found in Victoria. I can’t stop thinking of her when she went back home, every time when I see a flower, I want to share it with her.

And then  I start creating something my grandmother would love - floral candles. 

Using hours to prepare the wax until it reaches the perfect consistency, then adding color and fragrance, each flower is created by piping petal by petal. And then the flowers are arranged and other details, such as leaves and flower buds are added. Each floral candle is a unique gift for someone you love. 


Sweet Life is, having someone to remember and being remembered. Share your sweet life with our floral candles and light up your life.